About us


TERMOSISTEM Ltd. is a company established in 2004 with its headquarters in Podgorica. It is specialized in performing HVAC installations and plants, stabile fire fighting systems and smoke extract ventilation systems. For all mentioned installations we also provide accompanying electrical installations for HVAC systems as well as the central system for monitoring and control (BMS system).
On our clients request we also do conceptual designs, elaboration and optimization of the existing designs for the mentioned installations, using the most advanced technical achievements, taking into account energy efficiency principles. We successfully integrate complex requirements set by contemporary installations with modern architectural solutions. Team of dedicated engineers is continuously working on their professional advancement.
We have significant experience in designing and performing complete MEPD installation (mechanical, electrical, water and sewage) on large projects, as contracting and leading company for performing all installation works, mostly by FIDIC contract conditions.
We have our own facilities for production (locksmith and sheet metal workshop), which can fully meet the needs of our sites and can produce several tons of air ducts per week; and a modern and fully equipped offices for designing and operations management.
Our team currently consists of: 9 mechanical (thermo – technical) engineers (for designing and managing works); 2 mechanical technicians; 4 administrative staff; 20 central heating i.e. pipework fitters; 30 ventilation and air conditioning (manufacturing and installation of HVAC ductworks and accompanying equipment) fitters; 5 freon system fitters (VRF and other DX systems).

In the DX field of air conditioning (split and multi split systems, VRF systems, high-efficiency ‘air to water’ heat pumps etc.), we have a contract with manufacturer of the equipment PANASONIC (in VRF system it is former SANYO who moved under the auspices of Panasonic), for which we are the authorized distributor and servicer for Montenegro.
On the Serbia market we have recently presented our newly founded company “Termosistem-BGD” with its headquarters in New Belgrade.